Disney Discount Project

Maggie Barnett

  To calculate the total cost for category four, I first took the discount of twenty five percent off and multiplied that by the original price of the item. Since a discount takes away from the original cost, I subtracted the discount amount from the original price of the item. For example, a jacket without a discount costs $120. The store was offering 25% off so I multiplied .25 by 120 and found the thirty was twenty five percent of 120. Next, I subtracted 30 from 120 to find the discounted price. For the overall trip I would spent a total amount of $502.97. My first choice would be to pay cash for the trip because I wouldn't have to pay interest. Choosing to pay by taking out a loan with simple interest I would have to pay about 50 dollars more than just cash. A compound interest would be totaled at $554.52 which means I would pay $51.55 more.