My landform region is the best!

This is the assignment description and the example for the "my landform region is the best" assignment. You will create a Tackk just like this one in which you will highlight all the awesome stuff about your landform region. But before you go too far you have a decision to make: Will you be attracting TOURISTS to your landform region OR will you be trying to attack BUSINESS to your landform region?

Once you have made that decision it is time to start showing off your landform region!

What should I include in my Tackk?

It is important that your Tackk contains information from all aspects of your landform region. You should include information about the geology, vegetation, soil, landform features, and the climate of your region. You will also want to mention the human activities in your region. If you want to attract tourists, then you should mention the recreational activities. If you want to attract business, then youd

How can I display the information?

Tackk has a lot of really cool features. You can make text boxes such as this one, headlines like the title above and add pictures like the one you see before this text box! You can search for photos of your landform region and upload them into your Tackk.

Add a video from YouTube - or better yet, make your own video! What makes your landform region the best landform?


Want to draw attention to a specific part of your landform region? Use a map to give your audience a better idea of where cities and communities exist within your region. Use the map option in your toolbar, or add a photo showing a map of your landform region.


Add in an audio clip! You can make your own audio clip on Soundcloud or find one that matches your landform region. Check out the sounds of the boreal forest below.

Details, details, details

Make sure that you provide as much detail as you can about your landform region. Also make sure that all of your work is in your own words! This is an opportunity to show me what you know about your landform region. Be creative and add as many different sections as you can. If you think your Tackk is done, it's not! Keep going!