Atlanta Bread Company

They are similar to multiple companies, however they specialize in sandwiches and baked goods. Salads,pizza, and pasta are some of the other foods they sell.    CEO And president: Jerry Couvaras and founder.


*Founded by Jerry Couvaras in 1995.

*Was among the nations fastest growing franchises a dozen years ago.

*In 2004,the deli had tripled in size and had 164 shops in multiple parts of the nation.

*Atlanta Bread ranked 11th on the worst performing large franchises.

*The shortening  supply has stopped and is rebounding.

*According to Atlanta Bread president,Jerry Couvaras,"We've come back with a tremendous amount of strength,"


1993: Jerry and Brazil Couvaras invest in small sandwich shop business in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

1995: The Couvaras brothers began franchising the Atlanta Bread concept.

1999: The construction of a new comissionary is completed, giving the company the ability to supply at least 200 restaurants.

2000: Experiments began on an expanded menu.

2002: Prototype restaurants, featuring an expanded menu, first appear.

2004: Atlanta Bread announces the goal of 500 stores in 50 states by 2008.

About:interesting facts

~Atlanta Bread uses interstate and local roads.

~Has 110 different locations in 24 states.

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2 years ago

They are similar to multiple companies, but one thing they specialize in is sandwiches.