Inventions of the Industrial Revolution


Telephone - 1850

The telegraph allowed for a faster form of communication. Also, the telegraph helped get more precise messages across. Overall, the telegraph made communication more convenient and faster.

Alexander Graham Bell

Phonograph - 1877

The phonograph was also a form of communication that got messages across more clear. Also, the phonograph was used to make books for the blind. Lastly, this invention was used as entertainment to record songs.

Thomas Edison

Kodak Camera - 1888

Kodak cameras made pictures last longer and not fade over time. Also, by using a a dry formula it made photographing less messy.  Lastly, since the Kodak was the first handheld camera it made photographing easier and more convenient.

George Eastman

Gasoline-powered Car - 1893

The gasoline powered car was invented to use as a faster form of transportation. This form of the automobile was also more convenient due to the fact horses were not involved. Lastly, communication was increased due to the invention of the automobile.

Frank Duryea

Typewriter - 1873

The typewriter allowed for faster production of writing. Also, the typewriter was beneficial because everything did not have to been handwritten which was very tedious. Lastly, it required less amount of people in order to produce mass amounts of writing.

Christopher Sholes

First Airplane - 1903

The first airplane allowed for a fast form of transportation. Also, airplanes were used to carry crops and even people. Overall, airplanes were more effective than steamboats and trains.

Wilbur and Orville Wright

Automatic Dishwater - 1886

The automatic dishwasher made washing dishes more convenient. Also, the automatic dishwasher took less effort to accomplish the same task. Overall, the invention of the automatic dishwasher allowed for a less time consuming way of washing dishes.

Josephine Cochrane

Carbon Filament - 1882

The invention of Carbon filament made an improvement in the quality of light bulbs. Carbon filament allowed light bulbs to last longer and not burn out as fast. Overall, Lewis created a more effective more sufficient form of the light bulb.

Lewis Latimer

Automatic Lubricator - 1872

The automatic lubricator allowed steam engines to be properly oiled while still running.Instead of having to shut the train down every time it needed to be oiled.Overall, this saved engineers a lot of time and hassle.

Elijah McCoy

Sewing Machine - 1790

The sewing machine allowed people to make quality sufficient clothes. Also, the production of clothes became faster due to the invention of the sewing machine. Lastly,the invention of the sewing machine made making fabric more convenient.

Thomas Saint

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