Founders Factory - Main Event
In Partnership w/
Columbus Startup Week
Wed, May 6th, 2015 > 6- 8pm @ FUSE

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Determined to be Different

No matter the obstacles, as a startup, you have to beat all odds.   You have to be uniquely determined to win even though every obstacle will be thrown at you to deter you from the success you desire.

At the same time you need to be different, think differently and disrupt the status quo.  You need to change the landscape and show people something not seen or experienced before... in short, you need to, at minimum, definitively expose your own unique twist and time it right.  

At Founders Factory, as a whole and individually as angel investors and serial entrepreneurs, we recognize this and we know the importance of the help, assistance and mentoring needed early on to get over the crucial development stages of getting an idea or concept off the ground to find that unique competitive advantage.

For our fourth installment of the Main Event, we are opening up our efforts as part of Columbus Startup Week (May 4th - 8th) to be inclusive of those wanting to learn more and network with like minded people trying to make Central Ohio a great place to thrive for early entrepreneurship.

As such, we are hosting our event in Dublin at FUSE, Cardinal Health's own innovation center - a different space to think differently for Cardinal.  Much like our entrepreneur eco-system, FUSE has to think and act differently and they needed their own environment to change the healthcare world... and it's a pretty cool space to say the least that you have to see (you'll even get a tour)!

As we have in the past, this is about startups and alternative investments, so we'll have some specific pitches from some startups from across the state of Ohio (we don't discriminate).  You'll get to sample some local craft breweries finest beers (each unique as the startups pitching) and you'll get an update on some of our past presenters.


  • 6:00 - 6:20:  Networking
  • 6:20 - 7:00:  Pitches, updates, etc.
  • 7:00 - 7:15:  Optional tour of FUSE
  • 7:15 - 8:00:  Networking, talk with the startups and breweries
  • 8:00 - ?:       Post-event libations... The Pint Room next door to FUSE

Featured Breweries:  Actual Brewing, SideSwipe Brewing, Land Grant Brewing, and Zaftig Brewing  (Please note: it's Columbus Craft Beer Week too!)

Startup Pitches

Defender 24/7 - Columbus, Ohio:

After crowdfunding over $230,000 in 2014, Defender 24/7 is completing development of a new smart consumer electronics device that combines a camera, flash, siren, and pepper spray, with a 24/7 security monitoring service. Hardware and security monitoring service are combined in this smart device that will be field tested in Columbus. Learn more about Defender 24/7 at

Contact: Ryan McMannus  c. 614-749-9084  e.

Movable - Cleveland, Ohio:

Wearable tech, big data/analytics, health tech... Movable has it all.  With a growing customer base, they are changing the way students, employees and patient wellness is managed and rewarded via outcome-based healthcare incentives.  The MOVband is a low cost activity tracking technology with a complete program for easy adoption by large groups.  Movable is led by a proven team, generating revenue and primed for large growth based off the team's previous success.  Check out

Contact: Blake Squires   p. 440-746-1234  e.

3DLT - Cincinnati, Ohio:

3D Printing is a very hot space right now with limitless opportunity.  So how does the market really catch on fire... well with startups like 3DLT who are bringing the marketplace of designers, buyers, sellers and makers together.  They already have customers like Amazon and Walmart and are just at the early stages of growth.  Learn more about 3DLT at

Contact:  John Hauer   c. 513-341-5425  e.

Clarivoy - Columbus, Ohio:

As much as people talk about social media, digital marketing and ads, etc. the truth is big brands still spend a bulk of their money on traditional media and the biggest chunk by far goes to TV.  The same problem still exists though, how do big brands and agencies get more data on the effectiveness of the commercials and networks they advertise on... well, Clarivoy is taking big data and analytics and helping solve that exact problem.  Learn more about Clarivoy at

Contact:  Steve White    p.  614-444-4321     e.

Rapchat - Cleveland, Ohio:

You'd have to be a bit out of touch with current times to not know hip hop and rap are huge.  It's engrained in our culture and our kids see it, hear it and do it everyday.  In fact, they relate and communicate with rap verses; so it would only make sense to create a technology that enables rap as a form of social communication, thus the Rapchat app.  Rapchat is a new way to send messages to friends. It takes the complications out of recording songs and enables sharing of music ideas, everyday messages, or even inside jokes.  The funny thing is, this is no joke - the app has exploded in a few short months and they have taken no outside investment to date.  Learn more at

Contact:  Seth Miller  c. 206-913-7926   e.

In addition, you will get updates on the following startup's who pitched at prior Founders Factory Main Event venues:

4305 W Dublin Granville Rd
Dublin, OH 43017

Fuse by Cardinal Health

(near Montgomery Inn; across from Wendy's Headquarters)

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