Lotus Flower~


Lotus Flower

          The only change that we applied to our picture is only adding one more different graph. We added this graph because it was necessary for us to complete our project. The graph that we inserted was the r^2=100sin2theata. Without this one graph the project as a whole would have been a fail. Although the graph made our picture awkward it helps to show you that we have three distinct graphs.

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           We experimented mathematically when we tried to figure out the perfect equation to complete the final picture that we desired to create. First, we decided on using a rose graph to create a lotus flower that will be the main focus of our picture. Then we adjusted the length, location, and distance between each petal. After, we added a circle to encase the flower and colored it blue to depict the image of a lotus floating on a pond. To fit the required number of different graphs, we inserted a lemniscate graph as a water ripple.
          While we were completing this assignment, we learned more about the graphs we were working with. Because we used a lot of rose graphs, we were able to fully understand and master properties of a rose graph. We also were able to enjoy and look at graphs in a more friendly and present terms, rather than stressing over how to solve for points and grades.
           I personally enjoyed working on this assignment because, it allowed me to practice and understand how to graph and identify different types of graphs. I was also able to calculate a precise equation for each part of the picture. I really liked it.

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