Who is Emily Casey?

A photo essay by ME :)

Random symbol!

When this song came out, I felt like it related perfectly to my life story. I've always felt pushed around by people, walked on, and just plain unwanted. When I hear this song, I think of all the people that hurt me before and I think of the things they did to tear me down. Then I think of how they're going to see me in 10 years and realize that they were wrong about me all along. In the wise words of Katy Perry, they'll "hear me Roar."

Who am I, to me?

I like to think of myself as an adventurous and free spirited world traveler who lives on the edge of reality. I've learned over the past few years that if you stay within the theoretical "box" that is "normal," you'll never have any fun! So I like to present myself as one who is out of the ordinary and does things that people would look at and think, "Is this chick on drugs?" while I remain completely sober. It's just who I am :)

What tone do I set?

I feel like I set a fun loving and care free tone to those who see me. As you can see in this photo, everyone, but two people, are doing the same exact facial expression as I am. (Back story: I did take this picture, so I set the stage for what face to make.)

More Symbols!

My car,

I love feeling like an individual, so driving a car that isn't so common anymore really makes me feel unique. This is my car, or as my friends like to call it, "The Blueberry." It's an '05 PT Cruiser, convertible, and as far as I know, it is one of the only two Blue PT Cruisers in Frisco.

my guitar,

My guitar is a huge symbol of who I am. I started playing back in December of 2012, and since then I have learned at least 15 songs, just by looking up chords on the computer and learning that way. No formal lessons or any training. My guitar is one of the things I use to get my emotions out and calm myself down after a really stressful day. Plus, it expresses the musical side of me.

and my camera!

My mom used to be a "professional" photographer. She was hired by lots of people to take senior pictures, pregnancy pictures, wedding pictures, etc. I guess her natural sense of photography was passed down to me, because I love to take pictures. It helps me improve on how I can view the world from many different angles, and allows me to express my creativity through photos.


Though I seem to "live" in many places, I feel that the band parking lot is the one place where I've spent most of my high school life. Every day during band camp, every day after school and before every competition during marching season, I poured out my blood, sweat, and tears onto this lot. I gave so much of myself to four years of band and four years of incredible shows, one that took us to the State Marching Competition, where we received the rank of 3rd best band in the state of Texas. I will never forget the memories that were made out on the "Band Lot," my second home.

Who am I, to my mom?

Emily is my daughter, my light, and God’s heart shown to me on Earth.  She is laughter and music and everything wonderful. Children are drawn to her.  Strangers are drawn to her.  Her smile is so real. She is genuine and precious.  When others are hurting she wants to help.  She cares deeply and is passionate about what is right and wrong.  She has been through much in her 18 years and grown stronger instead of breaking like others might.  A friend of hers recently paid me the most wonderful complement.  She shared with me how much she loves my daughter, how she is a light in her life and the lives of so many others.  A mother couldn’t ask for more than that; to know that I raised a daughter who has a special place in this world and in the hearts of others. I’m very proud to be her mom.

-Tammy Casey

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