Eye of the Hurricane - C10

WIK/What I Know

  • Violent winds shaking the trees
  • A tree collapsed
  • Gwen is in a mine shaft
  • Flash flood can occur
  • Gwen is not safe in the mine shaft
  • NO wind or water violently coming
  • Gwen is in the eye of the Hurricane

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Gwen couldn't find Luke
  • Someone is looking for Gwen
  • Gwen is going up to the forest
  • Gwen dropped food
  • Gwen and Tom used to play with each other
  • Gwen was sad, that no one cared for her
  • Gwen fell asleep


Gwen Jones: Gwen keeps her feelings inside herself . She had no one to share it with because she barely has any friends because people think, she is a creep. Gwen is very brave enough to go inside the forest by herself during a hurricane. Some people might chicken out but she didn't she's got some guts.

Snap Shot

I am using this picture for my snap shot because, in this chapter it mentioned that Gwen was in the "Eye of the Hurricane"