Jacky Avalos Core 3

In meditation we did three different activities which was the regular meditation which is you just sitting, having good posture, deep breathing, and trying to empty your mind. The other meditation was us having to lay down and imagine that we were in a garden, then we went to a lake, and we listened to soothing music in the background. The third meditation was a sleeping meditation which was us laying down and listening to a lady saying to imagine a big wave and the big wave would make us feel heavy then we would fall asleep. The different things that we tried were deep breathing, doing or saying mantras, having good posture, trying not to think of things, and writing on a piece of paper about our happy things and our sad things. Another thing that we tried was when we went into the garden we planted our happy things and we drowned our bad or sad things in the lake (that was during the second meditation).

The way I felt before meditation was nervous and excited because I wasn't sure how it was going to go and I wanted to try something different and that most people don't do. The way I was thinking and feeling during the meditation was that it wasn't bad after all and I also felt very relaxed and calm. If I could do meditation again on my own it would be a yes because on the day of meditation I was very relaxed, very calm, and it was an interesting thing to do. What meditation is? Meditation could be a religious thing or it can be used to calm the body and not be stressed. What a mantra is? A mantra is a word or saying that you say repeatedly. What deep breathing is? Deep breathing is like taking more air than what you usually take in.

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