The Roast of LMS

By: Ryan Franco

I'm fly and I'm mother-lovin' thirsty,
I keep this class together like chicken popper Thursday

And I'll roast anyone just ask me who,
I won't give out any detentions like G.U.

As you can see I don't have music I need a tuner,
I won't give out any suspensions like Mrs. Grunert

I would go hard but I don't get paid,
I won't go off like John Brown's Raid

Y'all rappers or poets in your seats aren't the best,
Just for some reason I don't get the rest.
Usually because I'm trapped in a box like I.S.S.

See I thought that you knew,
I'm the sock of the shoe,
I come before you

Yo CJ I know hockey so say what up,
I've finally got hockey since the Wings won the Rutgers Cup
I got my dangles on my speed dial,
I don't need to think about it,
Son it's freestyle

See now they say Ry you gotta get your swag right
Because I'm floating in the air like Mr. Kite
Shout out to K.J. Berry, I might be Mr. Right

Now that you know I'm the coolest kid in town,
The game is a circus and I laugh at you clowns

I control this boat call me the paddler
Someone get that weirdo away from the cheese named Mr. Adler

You know I don't do stuff for no reason
Yo Mrs. Veldman thanks for the F, just teasin'

Look, I don't wear these shoes because they are just the right fit,
I wear these shoes because the swag legit

Couple fake rappers you know that I see those,
Ryan's changing up the game like a cheat code

Once again I'm back,
I'll give you a break like a Kit Kat

Hey mom I just kicked down the door,
Because I own this school and this is my floor

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