My summer ,school

Hey I am Alisha and this was my summer, school


On the school holidays I didn't do much except for the special dates, like Christmas, New Year and few days before Christmas.

Few days before

A few days before Christmas my family and I went to Warragona to see my mum's friend who invited us for an early Christmas dinner party. We stayed their for 3 days. The first day we got their we ate K.F.C and were really tired so we rested and explored the house ,it was a big house and it was up a hill so it had a amazing view of the city, the next day it was the day of the dinner party but the dinner party was only later in the day, so we went to the garage and played on their pool table. After, we started getting ready for the dinner party. Then I helped my mums friend to get ready, I helped with the cooking and decorated the pavlova. Then we had the traditional, Christmas dinner party and after we opened our Christmas presents.

Christmas day

On Christmas Day we didn't do much but we spent time as a family and opened the christmas presents because we all bought presents for each other I got a skate board, water gun, a fairy light, a glitter picture that i have to make and a jewellery box.A week before Christmas we went to another dinner party and we saw Tina ( the teacher ).

New Year's Day  

For New Year's Day mum mum booked a hotel in the city so we could see the fire works. On the day we went to, two fire works the kids and the countdown . The count down one had music and awesome fire works. Well that is what I did on the school holidays .

What did you do?

Alisha Mahendran

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