This Tackk will be representing the relationship between movies "42" and "Remember the Titans". It will also be explaining to you why they were made and what message the authors wanted any viewer to recognize.

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Remember the Titans


Remember the Titans was a movie about black men and white men joining together and creating a football team called the Titans. New coach, who's named Boone, is black as well. He needs to work together with the white coach, who's named Yoast, to be coaches in which these men need. People from the community weren't very happy that they were busing together and even playing together; People on the football team itself even had issues rooming and playing together. However, Coach Boone was hard on these guys to make them better players. The community started to realize how awesome they have become and how well they work together. It may even take an injury to have parents believe how great black people are, too. Eventually, people learned to love and live. There were many that may have still been upset, but there were even more people happy with the outcome of the Titans.

How Race/Discrimination Changed Throughout The Film:

Race and discrimination had changed a bit throughout the film. In the beginning,  protestors and the community were very upset with the Titans having mixed races. Some teammates were angry as well and pulled attitudes. In the middle of the movie, they figured out that they needed to work together and get along or it will affect the entire team. Towards the end they started to get along even more. Although, there were still a few teammates upset, they kept their cool. Gary had gotten an injury, and in that time his mother realized how much Julius actually meant to him and how nice he was. I believe people, individually, begin to fall in love with personality and not just looks. It takes time.



42 is a movie about motivation. It's about working hard to get somewhere in which you deserve. If you work hard enough to make something happen, then it will happen no matter what or even who you are. That's exactly how Jackie Robinson was. He was black and not a lot of people had seen a black person attempt to be on an all white team before. Mr. Rickey saw complete potential in Robinson. Jackie was to sign a contract stating he'd be on the white team. When Jackie stepped onto the field, he owned it. Most of his new teammates weren't happy with Jackie on their team, but all he wanted to do was play and win; That was his goal. Whenever Jackie walked onto the field, all of the whites in the stands booed him and called him nasty names. Jackie ignored them. Eventually, some people warmed up to Jackie. A little white boy  even started acting like him. Jackie was a hero. He was the start to something amazing. Because of Jackie Robinson, the Brooklyn Dodgers went to the world championships.

How Race/Discrimination Changed Throughout The Film:

Race and discrimination changed and wavered a lot in the movie 42. The movie started out as Jackie getting rejected to enter the washroom. Jackie was eventually to sign a contract basically breaking the white/black color barrier in baseball. He was offered a$600/month contract and $3,500 signing bonus. In order to play, Jackie must be able to control his temper. The whites were really nasty towards colored people. It’s obvious that Robinson’s own new teammates discriminated against him by saying rude things. Every time Jackie entered the field, he was booed. However, this got better each time. People started noticing how amazing he was at playing ball. Many people made fun of Jackie, called him nasty names, and even threatened to beat him. Jackie had still kept his cool. Some of his own teammates even started a petition around to sign to kick him off the team. A few of his teammates wouldn’t sign it. Jackie’s former teammate became a manager for another team and began calling him names at the start of a game. Jackie got angry, but kept his cool on the field. Race evolved a lot in this movie. Jackie was the start to the blacks playing with whites, and vise versa. Racism still isn’t gone today, but it’s better than it was back then. People began to notice how awesome Jackie Robinson was even though he was black.

In the film, what does the audience learn about race/discrimination?

The audience probably has learned a lot within these two films. I know I have. I guess I never realized how terrible it use to be, and just to think that these are true stories blows my mind. The reader gets, out of these two films, the fact that blacks don’t look the same as whites, no matter what. However, no matter what you do, you can’t stop a colored man to be more amazing than a white man. If a colored man (or any race for that matter) steps onto a field and plays better than any single white on the team, he’s worthy to play. You don’t even have to be the best to play, but if you have the will to win and be dedicated, then you have the right to play and be equal to your teammates.

In movie Remember the Titans, it didn’t matter what color you were, if you messed up than you paid for it along with the rest of the team. The viewer might have learned about discrimination, is that as long as you have a great personality and the will to be dedicated, it didn’t matter who you were. Gary’s mother found that out. Discrimination does nothing but harm. You don’t benefit from discrimination. This film could teach someone to work together with the people you see and are around everyday… Maybe something could actually be accomplished. It doesn’t matter who you are.

In the movie 42, it didn’t matter that Jackie was black, white, purple, or yellow. Jackie played amazing and it was he who made it to the championships. Of course the team worked together, but Jackie clearly had more motivation to play and win than the rest of the team did. The viewer probably realized that it’s possible to do anything you set your mind to, even if you have everyone telling you you’re worthless. This film could have even taught anyone to do what they love and don’t let anything or anyone stop them.

Is race still an issue today? ; Affirmative Action

Race is definitely still and issue today. It’s not as bad as it use to be, but there are still racism and racists. They’re everywhere and it’s obviously. It’s also a matter of or to not verbally discriminate against a certain race or person. If you keep it to yourself, nobody tends to have a problem or even notice what you think of how someone looks. Like I said, it’s a matter of being verbal about it.

If I studied and searched correctly, Affirmative Action is the way of favoring a certain group of people because they suffer from discrimination. Meaning, women (for example) may be favored because certain people may say how they can’t do something because she's a woman.

This relates to race and discrimination because detractors of affirmative action claim that the policy divides society along lines of race, ethnicity, gender, and nationality by creating groups whose membership is determined by those labels. It is empirically argued that affirmative action provokes racial tension due to raising race-consciousness.

Comparisons between how race/discrimination has changed between the two films AND today.

A huge change in discrimination between the two films and today are sports. Almost every sports team has at least two different races of people playing on it. Back then people protested at the fact and discriminated against it. Now a days, many black men are popular because of sports. Also, People don’t protest anymore, we cheer for them. We root them on! (If it’s the team we like of course). In movie Remember the Titans, people protested and held up posters. In the movie 42, the whites booed up in the stands. Like I said, now we cheer. Similarities would be racism. We still have many racists. There is nothing we can do about it. In the movie obviously there were many racists, and now a days you still hear people talk and see the way they look at each other in public. However, now a days people aren’t as verbal about it as they use to be. Race can’t be changed. Race will never change. If there are blacks, there are going to be blacks; Vise versa. In the movie Remember the Titans, Coach Boone treated his team all the same. Now a days, it’s the same for the most part. Each teammate has to run under the circumstance in which they deserve. It doesn’t matter what color they are.

Comparisons/Differences between both movies and today.

In the movie 42, it seems as if many more people are racist towards the blacks (Jackie Robinson) than in the movie Remember the Titans. in 42, they had a single man playing on a team of whites and it seems like no white in the stands could let it go. In the movie Remember the titans, there were still protests and racism, but they had a team of completely half blacks and half whites. Not everyone booed while they entered the field. They played together like an actual team weather they liked the fact that they were interracial. In the movie 42, the whites tried to get Jackie kicked off the team. There are lots of differences between the two movies but the main comparison is the joining of interracial teams and sports. The two movies were mainly about tying together blacks and whites to play some ball.

Class Content

For class content of DNA, I feel like it doesn’t play too much of a role in either movie. Nobody thinks about the DNA of another person when they’re being racist or not being racist, discriminating or not. Your DNA is who you are, literally, as a person. Nobody can help what their DNA is as well as their looks. Anyone can help how they act. Anyone is able to have a great personality and dedication. Obviously, your DNA is what says who you are, but like I said, nobody thinks about your DNA when they’re being prejudice. My DNA obviously makes me white. I feel like if my DNA had made me black, my entire life would be different. Not only would I look different, but I would also have different friends. I would probably live in a different place and my family would be different. It’s very stereotypical, but it’s true. If you’re black, you have a higher tendency to be discriminated against because of how you look, your history, and where you come from.

I feel like race is an illusion. You honestly have no idea how a person may be unless you get to know them. Many people are so quick to judge based on how a person may look. An example would be in Remember the Titans; Gary’s mom was so judgmental toward Julius because all she knew about him was that he was black. As soon as she figured out that he cared a lot about Gary, she warmed up to him.

In the movie 42, I feel like race is definitely an illusion as well. Almost every single white in town were too quick to judge Jackie because he was a black man on a white team. Little did they know is that he had more motivation than anyone else to play and win. Without Jackie, the Brooklyn Dodgers wouldn’t have made it to the championships.

It is very stereotypical to say that a black is only good in a corn field, but not a ball field. Blacks were slaves once, yes. However, they never had the chance to show how good they actually were. When Jackie had the chance to step onto that ball field, he proved everyone wrong. Many people continued to boo at him but I know they realized how amazing he actually was. I believe they became a bit jealous of him and how great he was at playing ball. Also, in Remember the titans, it was stereotypical to protest and hold posters against the blacks. Those people never gave them a chance. However, I sure bet you that they quickly changed their minds when they noticed how awesome they did on the field.

Race actually isn’t that important in society. Society just like to make it a big deal. For example, if a black man gets kicked off of a team because he “cheated”, many people might think it’s actually because they’re black which is obviously very stereotypical, but that’s how people think and act. A black or Mexican person may not get hired into a job site because of how they might look or seem which is also very stereotypical. Honestly, you don’t want to think race as being important but as confusing as it sounds, it’s very important even though it’s not right. If you’re right, you probably have nothing to worry about, but if you’re black you might worry to yourself what the next thing someone might say to you is.. just because you’re black and not a race in which satisfies people.

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