My Christmas holidays

By Lachlan

On the holidays me and my family went to my nana and pa's  as soon as we got there we said hello to my nana and pa and then we unpacked the car. After we unpacked the car we had dinner we had corn beef we then dessert we had   custard  with strawberries. After dessert me and my brother went upstairs and played pool my brother won the first and second game I finally won a game of pool I was very happy   Because  my brother always Beats me after that I went and watched tv i went to bed an hour layter the next morning i had toast with peanut butter. In the morning I played my iPad I played clash of clans  and watched the afternoon my aunt and uncle arrived with there 2 kids a few minutes after they arrived I went for a swim It was really relaxing. The next morning it was Christmas  I got up at 8 o clock  every one else was up when I woke up I ran to the presents everyone else was up I opened the biggest one first  it was a NERF gun the Vulcan I also got a super soaker a bag of chocolate  2 sets of Lego a volcano set and a Xbox game called call of duty 2.

We stayed  with our nana and pa for a few more days  on Thursday we went home  it was a long trip home.  we got home at 3 o'clock when we got home  we unpacked the car  it took it took ten minutes once I had put all my toys away I played my new  Xbox game called call of duty 2  it has 32 missions where  you play as three different army's  Russia America  and the british army my favourite mission was when you got to drive a british tank  i got to play as the tank  commander. it took me 2 days to finish the all of the game. the next day me and my family went to the werribee open ranged zoo we went on the  safari bus tour after that we went to have a look at the  hippos we did the meet the  keeper with the hippos and then we went to the  meerkats to do meet the keeper it was really cool. when we got home i played black ops 2  nuke town zombies  i died at round 12.The next day I woke up early  hoping that the new map packs were out for  black ops 2 I was wrong they hadent been. Relised yet it was relised at two o clock  in the afternoon  I played the new zombies map called  die rise  the next morning my brother had to go to school  that day I played die rise and some iPad games I also watched some tv it was fun. But then I started to get ready for school  by the time I was finished getting ready it was 3 o'clock and and my brother had just came home



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