Marie Schrider, Katie Thyr

Our graph is a rose graph which encompasses a chrysanthemum.  It is enclosed by a circle to achieve a more rounded look.  A set of leaves is achieved with a lemniscate graph.  Furthermore a twin set of colored lines adds a decorative touch.  The look we attempted to achieve was akin to a corsage, a single flower within a decorative setting.


We experimented mathematically with different values of r for the rose graph to achieve the look we wanted.  By adding pi, it gave the flower a much more complex look.  Furthermore we decided that a circle encompassing the rose would achieve a more holistic look and add color. Moreover the simple line graphs add more color and textural appeal.  We discovered that the line graphs could not be imputed to desmos simply by setting theta equal to some multiple of pi over n.  We did enjoy working on this project as it was educational to be able to experiment on desmos and see how different values created different graphs.  It also furthered our understanding of the workings of polar graphs and how different values affect the shape and size.

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