Geometry All Around Us

Katelyn Weber pd. 1

Question 1

What is the measure of angle x?

Question 2

2) What is the relationship between these two lines? What is the symbol for that relationship?

Question 3

3) What is the figure representing?

a) Altitudes

b) Medians

c) Perpendicular Bisectors

d) Angle Bisectors

Question 4

Is this angle acute, right, or obtuse?

Question 5

What similarity postulate proves that the two triangles above are similar?

Question 6

What is the relationship between angles 2 and 7?

Question 7

What is the measure of all the interior angles in the polygon? What type of polygon is this?

Question 8

What is the measures of the exterior angles of this polygon?

Question 9

Solve to find the value of X and Y. Also, what is the ratio of the two triangles?

Question 10

Are these lines parallel, perpendicular, skew, or oblique?


1- Angle X= 51 degrees

2- The relationship is parallel lines and the symbol for them is, ||

3- b) medians

4- It is an acute angle

5- Side Angle Side (SAS) similarity postulate

6- Alternate exterior angles

7- The interior angles are 10 and the type of polygon is a pentagon

8- The exterior angles are 90 degrees

9- X= 3 Y= 15, 3:1 or 1:3

10- The lines are perpendicular

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