Most Important Place.

My House.

An important place to me is my house. Its important to me because that's where all the food is, my bed, my clothes, my shower, and everything i need. Also because i love my house. I have a big pool in my backyard that we just put in last spring. My mom, her fiance and my brother live there with me which makes is fun. I also have a puppy named Lexie and a goldfish who doesn't have a name yet. My house is a very comfortable place to be, its always warm. I have a really nice house too so i like that. My house is always fun for the most part especially because we got a pool put in. And now that its spring me and my mom are going to be planting flowers and starting a garden in the backyard to make the outside look nice. My house makes me feel safe and comfortable that's why i love it so much, its just a good place to be. There is always a lot of food in my house and i love food. My room is pink and blue and zebra themed. My room is decorated super cute which makes me like to be in it.

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