Gun Control

The Clashing Issue of Congress

Gun Control is a debate on what regulations should be set on buying, using, and concealing guns.

the arguement5 are based off the 2nd amendment- the right to bare arms.

there are two sides of gun control. the first side is those who support it. these people think guns cause more harm than they save lives and guns should be gotten rid of or only given to those who under the law have a right to protect the citizens.
on the other hand are the people who love their guns and use them for sport, recreation, hunting or just a pass time. these people will fight with the help or the nra to keep there 2nd amendment rights.

some court cases in which both sides challenge eachother are:
Prints vs. U.s.- in this case jay printz a montana sheriff argued to whether or not he can be enforced to give backround checks? the supreme court ruled that they cant enforce checks
another case is:
heller vs. DC 2008- dick heller a security guard  challenge dc's law that its illegal to own guns. in a 5-4 vote heller won his rights for handguns.

in the issue of whether or not to regulate gun control i stand in the middle (moderate). i think there should be stronger laws as to who gets guns and how but not take away our self defence or our 2nd amendment.

in aurora, ca 12 people were killed and 58 injured when 24 year old james holmnes stood up and started firing an AR-15 rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and at least one 40-caliber handgun

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