The Rock Obama

Best president ever

It has Diminution because the problems in middle east is being taken as a joke. It has Caricature because when Obama gets angry he turns into Rock Obama. It has a lot of Infotainment because its making fun of Obama and congress to boost its popularity. Obama, Mrs. Obama and Congress are the targets of this skit. The reason they are the target is because it shows the disrespect the president gets from congress and how the president deals wit the disrespect. Mrs. Obama is the target because it makes her sweet and kind and when someone messes with her garden she turns into a mean man like character. Congress is the target because it shows how non serious they take there job and the disrespect they give the president.

This has a lot of Diminution because a teacher was caught having a affair with a student. This video has Infotainment because the student is boasting about "extra credit"sleeping with his teacher.It has Reversal because the teacher is usually a guy and the student is a girl. The target audience is the court room because it is so unofficial and the judge is proud of the student. It has Incongruity because the court room is out of place where the should be judged.

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