Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards are mammals that are camouflage.


Snow Leopards are rather small weighing between twenty seven and fifty five kilograms. They have long thick fur. Their fur is smoky grey or yellowish tan. The Snow Leopards fur lets them become camoflauge.


Snow Leopards like to live in high mountains and snowy forests.


Snow Leopards usually shelter in caves, zoos and high mountain ranges.

Biological Relationships

These animals are predators to wild goats, they are also consumers because Snow Leopards can not produce their own food. They are mutually beneficial to their mothers when they are cubs.

Life Cycle

This is a Snow Leopard's life cycle:

Food Chain/Web

This is a Snow Leopard's food chain/Web:


Snow Leopards live in the Tundra biome

Interesting facts

The snow leopard can not roar. Instead Snow Leopards communicate using hisses, chuffs, growls and wails.


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