Emily Goodwin

The whole new start of the United States of America is like a flower. The westward expansion is the seed to our flower. When Lewis and Clark started this westward expansion it showed us that is so much more that we can do. We moved westward to start a new life, to find religious freedom and to try to find a place that we could call home. All of this started to flowering of the industrial revolution. Our plant started to grow when women made cloth in there homes with spinning wheels and looms. Then it kept growing when the mills and water wheels were invented. Children and women were put to work in the mills and coal mines. Then our flower bloomed when we hit the peak of money, child labor, new technology and deaths. Luckily it died down as the industrial revolution kept going. Infant deaths went from 170 per year in 1870, to 117 deaths per year in 1910. But,we would not have what we have today without the flowering of the industrial revolution.

Picture of industrial revolution flowering.

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