Kenya is facing riots and conflict everyday due to the racial tension and ethnic differences in Kenya. This tension traces back to 1969 due to land distribution and the differences among tribes and communities.

This conflict really began spot take off when Tom Mboya one of Kenya's leading political figures for peace was assassinated by a man in an opposing tribe who did not agree with his viewpoints. The tensions of land began to grow stronger and stronger as more violence broke out. The tension for land was created because some areas offer more resources than others, and specific tribes were forced out of their homes for farming. Specifically, the cross-bordering countries of Ethiopia and  Uganda experienced a lot of violence in their regions. This is a sign any issue because people are being forcefully pushed out of their homes with extreme violence such as rioting with fire, abductions, and mass shootings. . This violence is attempting to be solved with even more dangerous border control who also kill innocent civilians who are in the line of fighting. However is not working to get the message across of sharing land even though their customs in their communities differ. I believe that more peaceful protest needs to occur so that the message is heard and more lives are not getting lost.

Map Of Kenya

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