Brigid O’Malley of Naples reporting with pride

Brigid O’Malley of Naples is a communications professional with an interesting and distinctive career background. She served for more than 16 years at the Naples Daily News as a crime reporter for this local newspaper. This was a challenging beat in that there are a lot of facts and figures that need research and validation in the order of responsible journalism. For her efforts which took place between 1990 and 2006, she gained a number of awards from the reading public, from her peers and from the newspaper itself. Her passion for extraordinary journalism was built on the foundation of her dedication to excellent journalism and in delivering great compelling stories to the reading public, Brigid O'Malley Naples has always focused on the interest and benefit of the reader in each and every story that she ever put out.

Accuracy is but one of the elements that is required for eight news type of reporter to build trust with their audience. Therefore this was one of the crowning achievements of her news journalist portion of her career. Faced with constant deadlines, evolving stories, editorial pressures and a great deal of news to tell, she exceeded expectations by every measure. It is with a lot of pride that she accepted a variety of awards such as the 2001 Al Nakkula Award for Best in Nation Crime Reporting, the 2001 Frances De Vore Award for Public Service from the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors, among many others. Looking back this period of her career is one that has filled her with a lot of pride and confidence in her abilities to engage readers in a number of compelling and interesting ways.

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