Analysis of theAnalysis of the green furniture of Singapore

Green furniture is Singapore by environmental and resources protection as the core concept and design products. It develops the disassembly and decomposition. Parts by processing can be reused. It the design thinking of the whole product in the design, manufacture, transportation, sales, use or consumption, waste processing. Environment of the main consideration in the design of the product properties and use it as a goal, while meet the requirements of environmental protection products should have the function of the service life and quality.

Green design is the key of green furniture, it includes it including product design, product appearance design, design of product structure optimization design, material selection, product packaging design, process planning and design, environmental design, product recycling scheme design, green environment cost accounting, etc. Ensure the

quality about green furniture Singapore -

has three aspects: the design to meet the demand of human physiological and psychological two aspects and health. Reasonable use environmental protection material, meet the product function is harmless to the human body at the same time. Design for the high grade, the aesthetic style of furniture to artistic taste.

Product packaging is an important link, along with the development of the industry and the improvement of living standards, which is very important for the product competition and development. But product packaging not only consumes large amounts of resources, and after the packaging process and open it will produce a lot of waste, cause serious environmental pollution. Therefore, green furniture packaging requirements on the ecological environment of Singapore pollution-free, harmless to human body, they can be recycled after use and recycling or reuse. To avoid the traditional packaging pollution to the environment, and the harm of the human body. Green furniture packaging should choose clean pollution-free packaging material security, non-toxic, easy to decompose.

Green marketing is the foundation of green furniture and backing, it besides considering the user supreme and scientific marketing method, including green, after-sales service. Is ready to scrap old stuff recycling and processing, and guide consumers to enhance environmental protection consciousness, consciousness of green consumption. Green furniture Singapore sales chamber of commerce, furniture recycling of packaging waste recycling utilization and old furniture.

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