Ben Bradlee

Benjamin C. Bradlee was born August 26, 1921 in Boston, Massachusetts. He wasn't like other kids born into poverty. He had an extended family tree of many rich and famous family members.

After the war in 1946, he helped fund the New Hampshire News. it was one of his many accomplishments .

In 1948, he reported for The Washington Post. He got to know many important people.  November 1, 1950, while being in front of the White House, he was at the wrong place and wrong time when two Puerto Ricans attempted to shoot their way in and kill the president.

The coming year ,1951, he became first assistant to the press of the U.S. Embassy in Paris.  A few years later in 1954 while still being in Paris he became a correspondent for Newsweek.

The first time Benjamin C. Bradlee got married with Jean Saltonstall, he had a son with the name of Ben Bradlee Jr. Ben Jr., was raised by his mother after Ben and her divorced(1942-1955).

The year 1956 was a little harsh on Mr.Bradlee. That year he got arrested by French police after he had interviewed a member of an Algerian guerrilla group. He was to leave the country within 48 hours. His friends in the U.S. Embassy and French press helped that decision get overturned. He left Paris and returned to Washington and kept correspondent to Newsweek.

Mr.Bradlee had great opportunities in education. He attended Dexter School. After that he attended St. Mark's School. Harvard was his last school. When Mr.Bradlee graduated from Harvard, 1942, it was the United State's second year in World War II. Two hours after graduating Benjamin Bradlee recievied his naval commission and soon joined the Office of Naval Intelligence. It was his first news anchor.

USS Philip

He was transferred to the pacific and stationed in the USS Philip, a destroyer where he could interfear with enemy codes and telegraphs. He was alos involved in some of the most important naval battles, even the biggest one of World War II, the Battle of Leyete Gulf.

Mr.Bradlee became neighbors with Sen. John F. Kennedy in 1957 while living in Georgetown. They became really good friends, it also helped Benjamin with his career. Benjamin Bradlee was assigned to cover Kennedy's campaign and then his presidency. Several years later in 1964, after Kennedy's assassination, he wrote his first two books about Kennedy, "That Special Grace".

In 1972 The Washington Post, under Bradley's editorship, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover the Watergate scandal which later lead to presidents Nixon's resignation in 1974. The Washington Post received the Pulitzer Prize for Public Services for the investigation dome on Watergate.

1991, after 23 yeas as executive editor Benjamin Bradlee retired from the newsroom but still kept holding the title of vice president of The Washington Post.

He's now 93 years old.

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