We'll see you soon Grandpa

Aaron Rueb

We’ll See You Soon Grandpa

For Herbert A Atkinson

By Aaron Rueb

We’ll see you soon good friend

I know you have to go

if only you could stay a little longer.

But no its your time to leave and

I understand only so much

but as mother said

We’ll see you soon Grandpa.

Its been only a couple days

and I cant take it anymore

I miss you

for the time you been away.

You're in a better place everybody says

but for now i guess

We’ll see you soon Grandpa

oh the pain I feel with you not here

moping around if i were a ghost

you took a big chunk of my life

and its ever so hard to fill

but i have to remember

We’ll see you soon Grandpa

When you passed away

I would take the time of my day and

I would visit you in that field.

You were put into ashes

to show that you're in a better place

and you're not in pain anymore

but knowing you're not with us.

Is the biggest pain i have ever felt

I love you Grandpa

but i have to keep saying to myself

We’ll see you soon.

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