Brooklynn Calhoun

My state is located in the Pacific region of the United States . The highest point in my state is Mount McKinley. Alaska borders Canada. The state capital of Alska is Juneau. The captil of my city is located in Anchorange part of the state. Anchorange  has a population of Juneau. Did you now that Fairbanks, Valdez, and Anchorange are major cities in Alaska. The state flower in Alaska is the forget-me-not. The state bird is the Willow Ptamigan. Alaska's state motto is called Nort Of The Future. Alaska's nickname is the last frontier. The famous people in Alaska are Logan Grove, Anna Graceman and Willow Palin.If you were to vist Alaska I have something to tell you about the attractions. In the Northen part of Alaska Range, Denali Nacanal park is one of the larggest states. A foyrid is in south Junean. Alaska became a state in 1959 it was the third state to. In Alaska you can walk outside in your backyard and find gold it is old. Outside frist became discoverd in Alaska in 1741. Russians whales and fur tradies on Kodiak in 1784.I hope you learned all you need thats all my facts thank you for reading.