By Patrick Madla

Wild thunderstorm hits my house

Mom’s cooking aromas surrounds us

Mouthwatering children

Our stomachs grumble.

The necessity to hit the bathroom

Suddenly shivers my body

Unknown to me the bathroom floods

With pouring rain from the storm

Cold puddle on the tile

It’s quite impossible to my eyes.

My bare feet slip on the ice-cold water

While desperately try to hold onto a ladder

Adrenaline runs on my frail body

From head to toes as a drowned whimper

I exhale for help.

I perceive a sharp painful thump

On the back of my skull,

Blood is pouring from my head.

Mom hurries holding a cloth

Ice cubes stop the hemorrhage.

Emergency room, physician and personnel rush me in

Cold needles, I pass out.

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2 years ago

This is my poem when I cracked my head open.

2 years ago
2 years ago

I liked the descriptive words you used. I also liked the mood it set. Good Job!