The Mongols and the Yuan                    Dynasty

The Mongols~

       The Mongols came to power when the Chinese Dynasty's ended. They ruled from sometime in the early 1200's through the late 1200's. These dates vary depending on where you hear it from. They came down from Northern China and established their rule fairly quickly. Their first ruler was Genghis Khan and he set the first Mongol capital in Mongolia. One of the greatest achievements of the Mongolian Empire was Pax Mongolica. Which is translated to Mongolian peace. Which is similar to Pax Romana. Just this is with the Mongolians not the Romans. This was a period of time where the Mongols stopped conquering neighboring territory's. And they were content with what they had. So they kept their hands to themselves. As did everyone bordering them. Also during this time they had easy communication and trade which the unified administration helped to create.

This map shows the progression of the Mongol Empire through the years. The regions at the end are better explained in the next picture.
.............................................This picture shows where the different sections of the Mongol Empire.

The Yuan Dynasty~

The leader of the Yuan Dynasty was Kublai Khan. Grandson of Genghis Khan. Kublai's eldest brother became the ruler of the Mongolian Empire. So Kublai decided to make his own, more Chinese Cultured Dynasty. One way that he made his Dynasty more cultured than the Mongols was introduce paper money to the people. Paper money was widely used across Europe at this time. But It was Kublai Khan that actually brought it to Asia. And to show that he was serious about culturing Yuan, he would punish anyone using anything but paper currency. In 1367, the rebel army led by Zhu Yuanzhang captured the Yuan capital, ending the ever mighty Yuan reign.

This map shows the boundaries of the Yuan Dynasty.
Paper Currency is introduced to the Yuan Dynasty by Kublai Khan.

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