Bryce Flowers

Career Overview

High school career counselors run career centers and provide information about colleges and training programs. They talk with students about their goals for the future. Sometimes they give students tests to get more information about their interests and abilities. Counselors review school records to make sure students are taking classes they need to graduate and meet their goals.

Elementary, middle, and high school counselors help students deal with personal and social problems. They work with students individually or in small groups.

Counselors identify and report possible cases of neglect or abuse. They meet with parents, teachers, and school administrators. They counsel students and teach classes on dealing with anger and bullying. They also provide information on drug and alcohol prevention.

School counselors meet with faculty and staff to explain available counseling services. They attend professional meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshops.

Career Working Conditions

Have a high level of social interaction. They work closely with students, teachers, and other professionals. Are often placed in conflict situations with parents and students. Often deal with unpleasant, angry, or discourteous individuals. Are responsible for work outcomes and results of coworkers.

Always work indoors in schools and offices. Work somewhat close to other people, such as when sharing office space.

Must complete their work accurately so that students receive the help they need. Must sometimes repeat the same mental activities. Often make decisions that affect students. They are able to make most decisions without talking to a supervisor. Are able to set most tasks and goals for the day without talking to a supervisor.

Career Wages and Outlook

Demand for this occupation is growing. The number of students in school is expected to increase. This will create a greater demand for counselors. In addition, the number of duties counselors have is growing. However, growth in this occupation will be limited by school budgets. Counseling programs are some of the first items that are reduced when budgets are cut.

Annual wages- $50,380

Monthly-  $4,197

Hourly- $26.30

Career Related Occupations

The occupations below have similar skills needed to preform in those careers.

Elementary School Teacher                                     Psychologist

Program of Study- Counseling

Program Overview

Counseling programs teaching behavioral theories, counseling theories, and ethical standards. Most programs require students to complete an internship.

Program Admission

You can prepare for this program by taking courses in high school that prepare you for college. This typically includes four years of English, three years of math, three years of social studies, and two years of science. Some colleges also require two years of a second language.

You can also take these classes in high school

  • Biology
  • English Composition
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Psychology
  • Public Speaking

Program Typical Work Course

A bachelor's degree program in psychology typically requires the following core courses:

  • Counseling Psychology Practicum
  • English Composition
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Pre-Calculus

Related Programs

Education teaching

Social Work

Addiction Counseling

Schools That Offer My Program of Study

Minnesota State University Mankato

St. Cloud State University

College Choice

Minnesota State University Mankato

College Info

  • Size and Location - MSU, M is located in Mankato, Minnesota and there are about 15,441 undergraduate students that attend MSU, M.
  • Admission Requirements- Submit application and $20 fee, High School transcript, and ACT score
  • College Expenses-  In-state tuition$7,574, Books and supplies $500-$900, Other required expenses $2,052
  • Financial Aid - Grants and Scholarships- Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Privately-sponsored scholarships and grants, School-sponsored scholarships and grants, State-sponsored scholarships and grants
  • Housing- There are five residential halls available that are co-ed, all male, and all female
  • Activities- Choral groups, Drama or theater groups, Newspaper, Orchestra, Radio station, Student government

Informational Interview

During my interview I discovered that being an Educational Counselor has its bonuses along with its disadvantages. I learned that while you may be able to help others, most of the times the work is not always happy stories. There is not always a set schedule and need to work very hard.

Plan to Reach My Goal

My plan to become an educational counselor is to graduate high school with as many college classes finished as possible then attend MSU Mankato. There I will go into the counseling program and do summer classes to get my schooling done as quickly as possible in order to find a career.

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