Our Problem

By: Jackson, Kendall, and Owen

Math USA

Our math Problem we were given in class is:
Two items in a package have a combined weight of 6 1/4 kg. If one item weighs 2 5/8 kg; what is the weight of the second item?

Our  Explanation

We got the answer of 3 5/8 kg. We got this because the problem asked us to find the weight of the second item.  This means that we have to subtract. In the process of subtracting we had to find the Least Common Denominator. We did this by listing the multiples of 4 and 8. We found out that our Least Common Denominator was 8.  After we changed our Denominator, we subtracted 6 2/8 by 2 5/8. Finally we got a difference of 3 5/8.

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