Module 9

Technology in the 21st Century Classroom

Top Five Applications

1. Google Earth

Can be used on a laptop or Ipad. This application is definitely something I would love to use in comparison to an easily and readily available map of the world. As a social studies and science teacher this will be an incredible way to show my students the earth itself and places we talk about. It has a Historical Imagery feature that allows you to see change over a period of time. It pretty much brings travelling to your classroom – which is an important way for students understand this changing world. Can’t go wrong with Google Earth in a classroom

2. DuoLingo:
Specifically made for the Ipad. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and others. This application is useful for my classroom and I hope I can make use of it. Employing an understanding of languages in a social studies class is important especially in historical contexts – Other renditions of a language app exist but this is a popular and prominent one.

3. EZ Read

Available Mobile and MacBook. Remember those days you didn’t want to read a whole novel assigned in English class, so you used Sparks Notes to make up for your lack of enthusiasm - the night before an exam. Well EZ read is a great way to be the saving grace of procrastinating students – the application provides summaries, analysis ect. And has the function of printing out notes for your students. Pretty easy way to save time for a teacher and it is very accessible for your students – Anytime, anywhere!

4. Mobile News

The importance of keeping up to date with current events is key to a student’s success in social studies. As someone who is keen on keeping up with current events this is an application that will be important for me. You get all the news from all the various media outlets all in one application. There are many renditions of this; on my cellphone I have Flip board synced to my interests and to my Google/twitter searches.

5. The elements: a visual exploration

This application is wonderful – as a student I remember that learning how the periodic elements are visually represented was quite the task for a grade 10 students. Overtime grasped it but having a visual application one would play around with is an awesome tool to have. You set your cursor on an element and it shows you a 3-D view of the atoms themselves and an array of properties on the side. This definitely is a boost for learning the periodic table and as a great reference tool.

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