Lack of Opportunity
opportunity (n.)- a chance that makes it possible to do something

Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow Laws restricted the opportunity of African Americans, because it segregated them from whites in public. African Americans had less opportunity to be hired/or earn money.


Monopoly is a company that completely dominates a particular industry. Many big companies such as Standard Oil had become monopolies during the age of innovation. This limited the opportunity of many other companies to grow.

Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism is an idea, based on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, that the best-run businesses led by the most capable people will survive and prosper. Herbert Spencer, the most avid supporter of this doctrine, added the phrase "survival of the fittest".

Child Labor

During the Age of Industrialism, child workers experienced some of the most dangerous working conditions. Because they were so small, they could squeeze inside the tight machinery to fix things. Young miners going through tunnels risked being crushed by lots of coal. In January 1876, a Pennsylvania newspaper noted, "During the past week nearly one boy a day has been killed" in the mines.

Child laborers did not have the opportunity to get educated because they had to face harsh working conditions.

Sweat shops

Sweatshop is a small factory where workers work for long hours in horrible conditions. Workers had to inhale toxic gas and the dust everyday, leading to diseases such as tuberculosis. This demonstrates how the workers were put into such adversity or hardships during the age of industrialism. The workers in the sweatshops lacked opportunity because they did not receive the opportunity to improve their lifestyle.

Steerage (European immigration)

Steerage is the open area below a steamship's main deck, where most immigrants lived during the Atlantic crossing. Hundreds of people had to fit under a tiny space and had to sleep in rough metal bunks. The steerage was very not sanitized as they had to share the space for weeks. To illustrate, seasickness, spoiled food, and filthy bathrooms combined to create an awful stench. The steerage represents how the immigrants came to the United States in search of opportunity but had to face horrible conditions.

Political machines

Political machines are organizations consisting of full time politicians whose main goal was to retain political power, money and influence that went with it. Party politicians joined forces to limit competition, while increasing their own power and wealth. They took away the opportunity of other politicians by controlling all levels of city government.


As America began to imperialize, Americans started acquiring other colonies. The colonies supplied resources for their industries and served as markets for manufactured goods. This made the opportunity for other countries to obtain colonies die, because the more powerful countries were acquiring them to expand.

Platt Amendment (Cuba)

Even though, the treaty of Paris and the Teller amendment granted Cuba independence, President McKinley decided that United States should remain in Cuba to repair its ruins. The United States troops leaves Cuba only after Cuba added provisions to its constitution to protect American interests. These provisions, called Platt Amendment, allowed the United States to frequently intervene in Cuban affairs and buy or lease land for naval bases. Also, Amercian companies gained a significant control over the Cuban economy. This led to the lack of opportunity for many Cuban industries because the American government took control of 60 percent of the Cuban rural lands and could intervene with most of Cuban affairs.

Entering WWII

Pacifists and peace groups opposed to enter the World War 1. They constantly sent messages or handed out papers to persuade others. The government arrested many of the pacifists and restricted their speech for creating dissent. This shows a lack of opportunity for the pacifists and peace groups since their opportunity and rights to speak was restricted.

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