Maria Olivares

Listeria can be found in water, soil, and some types of animals. Listeria incubation can range from 3 to 70 days and symptoms can appear in a months time. Some symptoms are fever, muscle aches, and sometimes nausea or diarrhea. Listeria can cause fatal infections in the human body. Ways to avoid listeria is to avoid all raw milks and any foods containing raw milks. And also wash countertops, knives, hands, and anything else that you have handled while cooking with raw foods. Older adults, pregnant women, and those who have weakened immune systems are at greater risk of getting Listeria.

This is a picture of what listeria looks like under a microscope.

This video talks about an outbreak of listeria in caramel apples. It infected over 28 people and killed 5.

This video tells you 5 things you need to know about listeria. It states that you can prevent it and it also tells you foods to avoid.

This tells the percentage of people who get listeria food poisoning.

This pictures show the people who are most likely to get listeria and what foods to avoid eating.

This picture show a mom telling her son that they threw out the cantaloupe because it could make him very sick.

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