Daytrippin' to Old Fashion Boerne, TX

Main Street -- Boerne, Tx

While trying to enjoy what little time I get to have off from teaching, and attending summer school; I have been fortunate to discover some of the neatest small towns around me that are worth the day trip! The first time my boyfriend and I went to Boerne, TX, we stumbled upon Boerne Market Days and a Classic Car Show which we dedicated most of our time to. However, this time we were able to explore Main Street and all it's glory.

Our first stop was Cathy's Fine Chocolate...due to our recent decision that we should probably limit our sweets, we only got to look and smell. And the smell was worth it! They had some crazy mixes of chocolate, that we will try in the future!

Next, we thought we would browse the Epicure.  It was definitely a neat 'gourmet' market. We especially enjoyed the puppy section with many all natural dog food, treats, and medicine. If only I wasn't on a teacher salary, I might have actually indulged on their spices, and sauces. I'll have to keep this place in mind for christmas presents this year!

Next stop, Flashback Funantiques!! This was actually why we stopped in the first place! My boyfriend, Keith, actually used to sell original Dr. Pepper and his parents live in Dublin, TX (where Dr. Pepper). So we are a Dr. Pepper household and love to find antiques and memorabilia. This was lots of fun watching him explore the signs, vending machine, ect. and telling me all the history behind it.

We happened to stumble upon this Little Nature Store. It had lots of fun science, and nature items in it that I would absolutely LOVE to use in my classroom.

Let's just say, we had some fun in the Little Nature Store :)

And finally we ended at the Dodging Duck House Brewhaus with some of Keith's Aggie friends that previously purchased a home in Boerne, TX.  Which gives us the perfect excuse to continue visiting! This place is neat because they actually brew their own beer...and it's tasty!

In our future visits, I hope we get to enjoy a leisure walk down River Road Park to feed the ducks, and hang out at Random for a wonderful craft beer. (And hopefully take the pup next time too.)

Post your comments below for any recommendations for small town day trips! I'd love to get everyone's input.

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3 years ago

Sometimes I think exploring small towns should be a hobby