Wayside Waifs

Did you know wayside waifs in Kansas City placing over 5,400 pets in forever homes every year?

I think that everyone should volunteer for Wayside Waifs because they provide temporary home for dogs, cats, and other small animals, they also comment there time to getting their animals a good home. Plus they are a no kill animal shelter.

Everyone should volunteer for Wayside Waifs because they provide temporary homes for dogs, cats and other small animals for example when ever they find dogs or cats the take them to the shelter until they find a home also they want to provide homes for them so they go look for their animals too, they also commit to getting them a good home they are providing temporary shelter for homeless companion animals. Developing partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances because they want to know what dogs or cats will be good for each owner.

Because Wayside Waifs is a no kill shelter, Wayside Waifs has a animal life statement which clearly states they do not ever kill any animals unless they are suffering. Wayside Waifs is committed to leading the way to end the Euthanasia of adoptable animals in Kansas City. To achieve this goal, Wayside Waifs transitioned from an open admissions shelter to a limited admissions shelter in 2006.

Here is just one amazing story about a dog named Marley!

Marley Is Looking For Her Happy Ending!

If you want to help by donating or read more story's click the Wayside Waifs link and helps now!

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