Out Of My Mind by: Sharon Draper

By: Pierce and Camden

Out Of My Mind

  Do you like walking and talking, and dancing and singing? If you think you are bad at singing or dancing, consider yourself lucky. People with cerebral palsy don't have that option. In, Out My Mind, by Sharon M. Draper, Melody Brooks has a severe case of cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a disability that people are born with, as they had brain damage in the womb.                                                                                                        

    Some people with cerebral palsy have it worse than others. For example, Melody Brooks needs a wheelchair to do almost everything, while others only need walkers or braces. Other children are told to tough it out and walk normally.

   Some famous people with cerebral palsy are, Josh Blue, a comedian, and Dan Kepling, an artist and motivational speaker. Another person is RJ Mitte, an actor. All of these people succeeded in spite of cerebral palsy to reach their goals.

                                                      Melody Brooks                                                                                                          Melody Brooks is a girl with a severe case of cerebral palsy. She has to have a wheelchair to move, unlike some people with cerebral palsy who only have to have crutches or braces. She needs to be fed by another person and taken to the bathroom by another person. Melody is the smartest person in the school, but other people don't know that. Finally, she gets a talking machine called the Medi Talker. This allows her to talk through a computer. Still, people don't believe she actually has the ability to much less think. She has a sense of humor because she calls her mom fat and teases Catherine about her clothes. She gets annoyed easily. She once threw a tantrum about not being able to go to McDonalds.

Settings in Out of My Mind

There are three main settings in Out of My Mind. One of them is Melody's house. Melody's house is where most of the main events happened for example, Melody got Butterscotch at her house and she found at mom was going to have a baby at her house. The next setting is school. She mostly spends her time in the H-5 room. Every Wednesday she goes to inclusion classes. She met Rose and Catherine at school. The final main setting is Ms V's house. Before she got the Medi-talker, Ms V put a lot of new words on her talking board so she could communicate better. Those are the three main settings of the book.

Point Of View

Sharon M. Draper's point of view in Out of My Mind, is first person because the word I and me are listed a lot. Here are some examples. 1. I hate it when the aides take me to the bathroom. 2. Let's go, mom, I type. 3. I punch in, the letter D, hoping I'd guessed right and breathed a sigh of relief.

Out of My Mind Summary

Melody Brooks is a girl with spastic bilateral quadriplegia, also known as cerebral palsy. At first, people thought she was retarded. She gets a dog named Butterscotch for her birthday after her goldfish, Ollie, dies. Later, Melody's mother has Penny, her little sister. Soon, her mom enrolls her in Spaulding Street Elementary, and then she goes to inclusion classes; then tries out for Whiz Kids. They make the finals in Washington but her crew and her teacher ditches her and went to Washington without her. After her team lost, Melody tries to convince her mom to take her to school. Her mom got angry and accidentally ran over Penny with her car.

Sharon M Draper, author of Out of My Mind


The theme of the story is don't judge a book by its cover. We know this because everybody thought Melody was dumb because she looked like it. She turned out making the highest score on both the practice quiz and the tryout quiz. Melody can also hold an actual conversation with other kids and adults. Melody can also speak up for herself.

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