Danny's AWESOME Summer!

How I Spent My Summer

I spent my summer at Upper Darby Summer Stage where I participated in three theatrical productions and a dance troupe and cabaret group!

I was involved with two children's theatre shows and one mainstage. I played lead roles in Elliot and the Magic Bed (I played Mr Farber/Basil Gruesome) and HONK! Jr (The Ugly Duckling). I was also involved with their mainstage production of Shrek the Musical.

I not only had a bunch of fun with my friends but I also created great relationships with my directors and the staff of my shows. My directors taught me things that will stick with me forever.

I was also involved with the dance troupe and cabaret group where I performed in three dances (lyrical, tap, and hip-hop jazz) and sang a solo as well as several group numbers for the cabaret portion.

I spent almost everyday there from 9:00 AM-10:00 PM. From 9:00-4:30 I would be rehearsing for either Elliot and the Magic Bed or HONK! Jr. From 4:30-6:15 I would have rehearsals for dance troupe and cabaret. And finally, from 7:00-10:00 I would be rehearsing for Shrek. Lets just say sleep was not my main priority this summer. Usually on the weekends I was busy with something else which required me to get up early and not sleep in. This schedule was going for 10 weeks of my summer. I was VERY busy.

ABOVE, is two pictures from me in HONK! Jr as Ugly, the Ugly Duckling who was picked on because he was different from everyone else.

ABOVE, are two pictures from the mainstage production of SHREK. The first photo is a full company photo of the cast during the finale of the show and the second picture (I am on the right) is a picture of my friend and I in our costumes.

ABOVE, are pictures from Elliot and the Magic Bed. In the first picture, I am in one with the tall pointy hat and below I am the one that isn't a girl.

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