How did Hitler happen?

How did Hitler happen?

German leader, Adolf Hitler insisted that the poles had persecuted and fired the first shots so; two thousand German tanks, 1.5 million soldiers, and 1,000 planes poured across the border.

His campaign lead Poland to believe his lies

World war II 1939-1945

About 6 million Jews died

His attack was simply the latest move in a campaign of aggression that would leave Germany in control of most Europe.

After a month when Hitler had real power a Reichstog building burt down.

But when Germany invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939, Britan and France knew they had to act. 2 days later they declared war.

At the start of the war, Hitler's military 1942 -43, Germany's attack on the Soviet union was stopped at Stalingrad. Hitler has reached to far.

It took 2 more years to defeat Germany, in April 1945, as the allies closed in on his under ground bunker in Berlin, Hitler killed his self.

Hitler's generals, one week later, surrendered.

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