Internet Safety Rules

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Hi Juan

1.Do not do anything that hurts other people online like saying bad things to people on Youtube and other online talking things facebook ,etc.

2. Don`t post picture of yourself or family on the web and info about yourself because people may use your info and the person use your info for bad stuff, you will get blamed for doing things you didn`t eve do.

3.When you are making a user name, email, and other things like that never ever put your personal information so people don’t use your info and pretend to be you.

4. If you want something from the app store, play store,stuff from the internet ask a parent or a guardian to download it because it may have a viruses.

5. When your researching for a school project or something else always list where you got your info if you don’t you may get sued.

7.When getting on a website tell a guardian to see if it is a safe website.

8.Talk to your parents to set up times you can be on a device or limit jnyour web browsers

9.Don`t respond to people you don’t know or things that feels uncomfortable.                     10.If you tell a friend a password they might mess around with stuff of yours

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