Chick Little

By Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberey

This picture is showing Chicken Little getting hit on the head with a acorn. The acorn could have fell from a tree. Sombody could have also throw the acorn at him. It also looks like it hurts.

The sky is falling

He thought the sky was falling because something hit him on the head. It was a acorn that fell from a tree not the sky.

Ran out into the world  without much plan

I think that means he didnt know what to do so he just ran all over the place 

(Honestly, with names like these, is it any wonder?)

It seems the animals are stupid because they think the sky is falling

Step into this warm dark cave where the sky cannot fall on you

He was telling the animals if they get into his mouth they will be safe; but he is really trying to eat them

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