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Do you know what SAMR is? SAMR is similar to a Blooms Taxonomy but for technology. S=Substitute, A=Augment, M=Modify, R=Redefine. Study the following diagram below and answer the the question, "What activities have I done with my students that fall in the Redefine and Modification categories?"

CHALLENGE: Respond with your answer to the above question in the comment section at the bottom of this TACKK.


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This is XXXX's class brainstorming and categorizing ways in which math is used in the real world.

Creativity and Critical Thinking

First and foremost... If you want creative and critical thinking to happen in your classroom you must create a safe environment for failure and mistakes.  If students feel like they will be made fun of or that their thoughts and ideas are "stupid" they will never contribute to a discussion.  I have often found that the best ideas come from the "off-the-wall" ones.  Create a chart in your room that displays brainstorming rules and make sure to enforce them. There are a lot of great Rules for Brainstorming lists out there...research and find one that fits you.

CHALLENGE: Create a poster, post it in your class, go over the rules, practice a brainstorm session with the topic, "Name things that have holes."

Sometimes it is great to tally their ideas and see if they can beat another class or a previous brainstorm session.  With the topic above one would hope that someone ventures into answers such as: a hole in the truth, a pore, a worm hole, a hole in a conversation, a heart defect, a snake house, etc...if they can explain it--it counts!! Push them past the mundane answers into the creative ones. Give them time and they will come!

Cross-Curricular Ideas

Check out

This is a website that is in the process of being built.  Look under Plan and then PPP Curriculum Model for a string of tutorials on how to create a project based unit starting from the standards. It is in it's baby stages and I would love your input. If you have an interest in getting together and creating a unit with me please contact me! I'd love to work with a group and get a bunch of units to share with the system.  Contact me (Mollie Bounds) at and just let me know you are interested in getting together for a few days to create a cross-curricular unit (during school of course ;-))


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