New New York
by Noelle Gonzalez


New New York was founded in the year 5014 by President Jackson Johnson. The county was first discovered by America in the year 3014 on the Planet Zuel. The UK had also tried to claim the country and planet for its rich resources, but the Zoons, the natives of the planet, fought back causing the fifth world war. America won the land and destroyed the whole Zoon population. Leaving Zuel to be a new country also owned by America. America decided to name it after the most successful state they had, New York. Zuel was then left to be a "experiment" land, to see how America would have been, if run by a new type of government. As you will see, the country is very successful yet very different from its sister country.

{Planet Zuel}

Political and Social Organization

The type of government here, is different than any other type. It is a Democratic Communism. It might sound complicated, but it is quite simple. Like a democratic government, you vote for your leader and for people to represent you. But like a communist government, the government controls the amount of land you have, and what job you are. Again, like a communist party, the government sees everyone as equal. The reason we have this type of government, is because the U.S president, Jackson Johnson, wanted to experiment with two totally different types of government and see if they could work together.


New New York is often rainy. This helps to provide the country with nutritious vegetables. Because space is very limited, we grow as much as we can in rooftop gardens. The rest of the food is imported from Earth or from the rest of the planet Zuel. This causes a variety of earth-like food and local Zuel grown plants to mix and create tasty treats you can find only in New New York. Besides American food, such as hamburgers and milkshakes, local favorites include: Koola Burger, a burger that is specially placed on a bun made from a Zuel grown plant called the Koola, and the Apple and Peanut Butter Calo, which is a mix of apple and peanut butter in a fried cinnamon roll like bread.

Creative Expression

Here in New New York, we really know how to have fun! Many families enjoy visiting the zoos across the country that consist of native Zuel animals and Earth animals. When you visit the zoo, you can see animals ranging from elephants to dinosaurs and dragons. Many people enjoy betting and watching zam races. Zamming is a very popular sport in New New York which involves balancing and flying a spaceship using your legs and hands. Sort of like bicycling. Another popular sport is Quidditch, based on the popular book series Harry Potter, Lance Carter found a way for the game to be played in real life.

Thats all about New New York, hope you enjoyed your tour and enjoyed learning about our culture.

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