By Kathleen Hamilton

True Brilliance

    I chose this photo of my best friend because it expresses the utter joy a person can get from being around their friends.

Ducky Dance

     This photo was taken at Cameron park zoo. It was just luck that I took the photo right as the duck decided to pose for me. It looks like he's about to dance it out.

Beholders Eye

      This pic captures a pure moment. Her look of surprise and happiness is natural and attracts the eye. Plus I was lucky enough to get it in focus.


    I like the editing that I did on this photo. I balanced the brightness and contrast and took up the vibrancy. It makes plain old bamboo look magical and newly green.


Up The Oak

   I don't really know what kind of tree this is but I took it from under the tree really close to the bark. This gave me the cool shape and texture of the tree. The bright blue behind it is a great natural contrast.

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