Image of god
unconditional love

February 5

god has unconditional love for all

Today God shows unconditional love to all of his children. At this moment I believe that he is showing me all the love he can. He has my mind thinking about a lot of things. God is with me through everything. He touch me when I am down,he holds my hand when no one else is holding it. God spread his unbelievable love all over me. To me unconditional love is showing that love no body has ever seen in there lives. God shows that because he die for us and he really didn't get to known us. There are really bad people in the world,so why should God have that unconditional love for someone that really don't believe in him. I could relate to god because he went out his way, to die for us and I believe that I would do the same if I was put into God footsteps to die for everyone sins. Once you die for someone your die because you are showing love for that person. I sometime believe that God speak to me though music. He speak to me though music because when ever I am feeling emotion,a song comes on. Then that one song brights up my day because it seem like it was played for me. God is teaching me to be open to my family more offen. I can say I havnt been close with my family and I would do anything to get closer to my family. God has unconditional love and I want that same love for my family.


God guild me throw all the struggles,

Help my family throw the pain,

Guild the poor to a better place,

Pray for all the people that have no one to love,

God guild the world to a better place,

Pray for the people who has home to go as this winter hits us.

Help the people find their faith,

Pray for families all over the world,

Provent the world from being evil,

Pray for the people who were in the tornado in Chicago and Washington D.C,

Pray for us.




God As Friend

Today I see God as my friend. He would be the first person I ran to when I need help with something,or I just really need someone to talk to. I know that god would always be there for me,no matter what. God would hear me talking to him,he might not answer but I known that I would find the answer later that day. As long as I have that faith in god,I believe that he would keep responding to me. I could relate to god as friend because I know that I could be that friend for anyone. I am a good friend to my best friend Brianna. She known that,she could come to me for anything. Even if it's little things. Like god,he is always there to hear anyone prayers or just there to talk to you. He might not respond but he would respond later on in your life. God speak to me through,mostly everything now. I believe when there is a bad outcome,there would always be a good after that. I also believe that's because god see me as a child of god and seeing me do good in life, he would help get to that good outcome. God as friend is really powerful to me. I believe if want god to be your friend you should believe in him first,before thinking you could have that relationship with god. Theses past weeks, I had been sick and not coming to school because of my sickness. I thought that I wouldn't be getting well soon,then as I started to worse and worse, I throught that was going to die in my sleep. But when I was home alone,I was talking to god a lot because I knew that he was watching over me and could listen to me,when no one was around,for me to talk too. Once I talk to him,my mother came in the house and give me something to help me breath at night. I know god heard my cries,when I was alone at home. I see god as a friend because he would be there forever, some friends you could lose fast. But not god His name would always be in my mind and heart.


Where would I be without

Stay with me

Tell me nothing evil would came among me

Stay with me

Be there when I need someone to talk to

Stay with me

Help me through the good and bad

Stay with me

Your faithful and committ a is friendship

Stay with me

Show me a sign that are friendship is still alive

Stay with me.

Voice Of Freedom

March 27

I believe that God is voice of freedom. He would help you throgh problem, he would be there to guilde you when your down. Today I see god acting in my life by just helping get my freedom. My voice of freedom got me to speak out more, about thing that I feel is right. Having that voice you could help someone that feel the say way you do. I think god give everyone that voice. If we didn't speak out there wouldn't be freedom in this world. Freedom is every one key to everyone success. But people really don't need a lot of freedom,they may take over the word. But today I am happy I have the voice of freedom. I known now that god is in my life because I would speak my mind to him. I could be positive or negative but I known i shouldn't speaking in angre to god but hey I see god as my friend so why not. I believe that I have that voice and God is saying use it. Use it to help the world become a better place. Sometimes I think we really don't have a vice,because some people believe that teengares would be teengares. Like we don't known best. But how do those people known what we don't known best. Don't those people know we are the voice of the future. God has teach me to not be afraid to speak my voice. I would always be quite about things,and now I know that I could change someone life,just by speaking up. I hope I never loose this voice. I also believe by having this voice i could speak to god any time,because he is my image of a friend and he would always be there for me. I could relate to god because I encourage my sister to speak their mind and don't let all that angry and stress sit inside you body and mind,when you could speak up for your self. For me I believe that is vice of freedom.

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