European Exploration To The New World

By: Shreya Malani

Dear the Wonderful Louis XIII,

                 Please fund me and my crew for a phenomenal journey to America, the new land where  bring gold, silver, followers, and many other resources. When I reach the new world, I will settle near the Mississippi River because it will provide me with many of my needs. I will need from you: weapons that I will use against the savages, ships, and food to survive our journey. It will most likely cost about 10,000.

I have heard that there is lots of gold in the New world and I promise to come back to you and spill gold at your feet. The Spanish and English are going too so if you fund me, we will be the first one to reach there and have all it's glories too ourselves. If we do have to leave we will have to leave now, 1615. They are also looking for gold, so we have to be quick if we want it all. Our country, France needs more followers and I am determined to fight the savages that I find on my way and force them into your followers. I am a very experienced traveler and I have been all over the world where I have overcome many obstacles. I

I will need many resources like food and weapons to survive my journey and make it back to you.  I expect to meet savages and raging beasts and plan to fight them bravely. Below is a detailed map of the new world. I am looking forward for you funding me for the trip to the New World.

                                                                        Sincerely, your fellow follower,

                                                                                            Shreya Malani

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3 years ago

Great Job!

3 years ago

I'm also trying to get support from king Louis XIII. Good luck!