Black Panthers


Black panthers have a very smooth black coat. Black panthers are sneaky,sleek and graceful. Black panthers are 4.25 to 6.25ft. Black panthers have long sensitive whiskers. They have very long teeth. Black panthers have very thick tails. Black panthers have very sharp claws. Black panthers have short legs.


Black panthers live in Rainforests, Marshlands, Woodlands, Swamps, Savannahs, Mountains and Deserts. Black panthers also live in Nepal, Assam, Asia, Africa and America.


They live under shade,thick leaves and the shadows.

Biological relationships


Other big cats such as Lions and Tigers ,and animals larger or more powerful like Pythons Anacondas and Humans.


Black panthers enjoy eating Deer, Warthogs, Monkeys, Antelopes, Gazelles, Wild goats, Birds, Reptiles, Baboons, Frogs,  Fish, Rabbits, Rats, Grass, Eggs and  Fruit.

Life cycle

Black panthers start out as cubs and end out as grown up black panthers. Black panthers only live for 12 years.

Food chain

A black panthers food chain has grass first (primary producer),second is a deer (primary consumer)  and last is black panther (apex predator).


Tropical  rainforests because they love leaves,shade and shadows.

Interesting  facts

Black panthers are endangered. There are also white panthers. Black panther cubs are  fast learners. Their speed is 58 km per hour. Black panthers climb trees and swim. Black panthers are really panthers,leopards and pumas but black.

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