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Fun and Learning with Louis Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky


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Google Drawings

  1. Draw a representation of one of the creatures in the poem.
  2. Save it as a .png file.
  3. Upload it to your tackk.


Vector Paint


Jub Jub Bird


Read and record at least one stanza with a different tone/mood/style.

    1. sing-songy & fun
    2. political speech
    3. coach’s motivational speech
    4. romantic
    5. humorous
    6. rap, country, or other music
    7. sports cheer
    8. stand up comedy
    9. a blues song


  1. Write a new version of the poem with real words and new tone - tone cannot be dark like the original
  2. Keep same rhyme scheme and rhythm


Twas Friday, and the restless kids
did flop and fidget in their chairs.
So boring were the classroom vids
that they just wanted out of there.