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Babe Ruth quote.....

I chose the Babe Ruth quote because I.... like Babe like to live big and believe that if you don't abuse your childhood and use the oppertunities given to you, then you will regret it for eternity.

    1) Out of the three years I have been attending Allan Drive I have proudly left allot of my-self at this school. I have been on numerous sports teams and clubs to show the side of me that I like to give back and play sports.  I pay sports out of school also, and they keep me very bussy! Fortunately being on sports teams and traveling around North America, is a big part of me that will decide what my future will be  like. It is also the biggest part of me and what i am mainly acknowledged for.  But away  from sports i like to hang out with my friends and stay productive, for example if you were to come by my house you wouldn't see me watching tv instead, playing outside or hanging with friends. I think i present my personality fairly casual to people I feel comfortable with, but to really get to know me, you have to spend some quality time with me.  I think a big part of who I'm am is because of my responsibility and my resilience, to keep up in school and excel in sports takes allot of hard work.  And I think I do work hard, that is why by the end of the school year, I am sure that I will be able to look back and be proud of what I will be known by.


2)Everybody wants to be perfect, but we all know that there is no such thing as perfect.  That is why if I were given a choice to pick a different persona I would humbly stay the same person and keep my friends, skill, and personality.  Sure there is times that I would like to change bye doing something different, but there is no way i would give up the childhood I was given.  I say this because I really did have the best growing up experiences, from the day I was born i have been treated like a king and been given the chances of a life time.  I think that the fact that no matter what people do they will never be perfect really disturbs me and is a big problem.  It is a main cause to many diseases such as anxiety, depression, suicide, and sadly many more...  If you are blessed with good qualities be great full, and if you don't, be great full because everyone is beautiful in there own way.  With all of that said, if i were to change a singe thing about me, it would be my relationship with my sister.  She is such a good little sister and puts up with allot of stuff and never complains about anything and is just and all around perfect child.  She also takes the blame allot for me around the house.   But don't get me wrong I a still an average brother but for all of the stuff she puts up with she deserves a perfect brother.  But I am not just going to wait around until an opportunity presents itself, I will make my own opportunity's and give her the brother that she deserves.     

3)  When i first came to Allan Drive I was insanely nervous that I was going to slip up and ruin my reputation.  But as the school year progressed I realized that the longer that I try so hard to be perfect is longer that people wouldn't know the real me, that is when I stopped trying so hard and just became my self.  People ended up liking me allot more that way.  I asked a couple of my current and old friends of what they see me as, and they responded saying things like; nice, outgoing, athletic, resilient, a leader, a good listener, great friend, and a hard worker. I feel good about saying these things because I worked hard to become those things, they were not just handed to me on a silver platter, I had to earn them, which I did.  That is why I get the opportunity's that I do.  But in school my main attribute is focused, because if you do good in school it will reflect on your future.  And there is nothing I want more than to have a good future, and there isn't anything I wont do to make my future anything but perfect.   

4)  Most of the time online people have a completely different persona, wether it is there photos, tweets, or there attitude, they don't even seem like the same person.  But instead of following the stereo types i prefer to show people the real me instead of some fake alter ego.  I enjoy action so i tend to follow allot of sporting accounts.  My favourite account is on Instagram and its page is called mastery, they post really cool pictures that you just cant resist enjoying.  On my profile, I post pictures and tweet tweets that i think represent me.  I like to show my accomplishments and family online so I mostly post things that are either funny, my interests, or just stuff i enjoy.  I have to keep my profiles appropriate though because of the new technology allot of college scouts and business professionals are checking your social media accounts to see what kind of person they are really hiring.  If they see that you are a respectful, appropriate young man you will get a way better chance of getting the job/ scholarship.     



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