For Connected Educators

Twitter is an online microblogging tool that is being used across the district for:

  • Building Personal Learning Networks
  • Engaging in Professional Development
  • Engaging with students and/or in classroom discussions
  • Sharing information with students and parents
  • The list is endless...

What is in a Tweet?

A Tweet can only contain 140 characters. You can add images, video, text, pictures, etc. in a single tweet. You can also tag another user or join an existing conversation. Check out the anatomy of a tweet below:

Getting Started

Go to to sign-up for an account. You will need to determine your username. Make sure that your username is descriptive and identifiable but keep it short. If someone is going to "mention" you, the username counts towards the 140 characters allowed.

Twitter help is a great place to get more information about signing up for your first Twitter account.

I have an account, now what?

Your next step is to "Follow" others:

  1. To find someone of interest - Read this article
  2. Click on a username or navigate to a user's profile.
  3. Click the Follow button when you see it next to a user's profile photo or on a user's profile page. (Adapted from Twitter Help)

Here are a few really good educator's to follow if you are having trouble getting started. Click on a user and then click their "Following" tab to find more people to add to your network.

Your Challenge

The only way to start using Twitter is to just start. Bragging rights awarded for:

  • Setting up an account
  • Following five new people
  • Tweeting something that is happening in your school, building, or sharing something you learned this week.
  • Adding your username to THIS DOCUMENT to connect across the district!

Put aside ten minutes every day to explore your Twitter account to learn from and collaborate with colleagues. Set a timer (or use the one below) and "Take 10" to learn and share something new!