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Brand: 美丽心肌肤

Our skin lose moisture day by day due to air pollution, uv rays, age growth etc, making you look dull, drry, rough, saggy etc. With all these problems, how do you feel? Do you feel like you have age alot even though your look is not your actual age? Do you want to have baby skin? Water is all you need. Hyaluronic whitening mask is here for rescue. It is gentle to your skin, giving your skin 24hrs hydration. What are you waiting for? Give your skin "drink" waters now. With 28 days hydration system, first 10seconds, open pores start absorbing. 10minutes later, hyaluronic split into small molecular in order to easily penetrate into your skin, after 20mins, you will feel your skin moisturized, hydrating, no dryness, 2 days to 28 days, your skin will still feel hydrating.

The mask suits all kinds of skin type, anyone can use. Effects are hydration, moisturizing, tighten pores, anti-sensitive, anti-aging, whitening, repairs after expose to sun, lighten freckles.

Small advices

1. The effective of the masks depend on the person skin condition, some people will show results within 1week but others may not.

2. If you think that your skin is very sensitive and not sure if you are suitable to use the mask or not, we suggest that you try to rub bit of the essence behind your ear and wait for at least 5-10mins to see if any redness, itchness appears on you. Stop using if any abnormal reactions happens, immediately consult your doctor.

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